MotoGP circus returns to Red Bull Ring

The eleventh race of the season bringd the squad of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT back to Austria. At the “Red Bull Ring” everyone expects a big spectacle on and offside the track – just like last year at the premiere.
For the second time since 1997 a race of the Motorcycle World Championship will take place in Austria. After 18 years the MotoGP came back at the Red Bull Ring last year – with a lot of success. About 215.00 spectators came to the premiere weekend at the 1996 newly planned circuit in Styria.
The scenic surroundings of the Murtal region not only present great motorsport but also a breath-taking mountain panorama.
The special features of the Austrian circuit are the many altitude differences on the 4,3-kilometre-long track providing an exceptional view over the facility. For the riders this circuit is one of the fastest in the calendar – a challenge for the pilot and his machine.
Following the home race of Jakub Kornfeil where the team once again missed out on their aspir..

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Positions 20 and 30 for Kornfeil and Pulkkinen in Brno

Even though the riders of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT had a good start to the 10th race of the season they merely finished 20th and 30th, respectively, in the mixed conditions of Brno.

Already this morning the teams realized that this race won´t be an easy one again. Having mixed weather conditions at the Automotodrom Brno the riders had to deal with a wet track at first and then with a dry track.
Following grid penalties for two riders Jakub Kornfeil could start his race from 23rd position. On the wet track he had a good start putting him 11th where he could stay at first.
During the ongoing race the track started to dry presenting difficult conditions for all riders. On a half wet half dry track Kornfeil didn´t have enough grip to stay with the other riders and so he dropped behind to 17th place. There he kept fighting for positions between 20 and 25. In the last third of the race the track became more and more dry giving the local hero a better feeling for the bike again. As a r..

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Kornfeil suffers unlucky crash in the qualifying

His home race didn´t bring any luck to local hero Jakub Kornfeil today. After a collision in the first lap the experienced Czech has to start his race from 24th position tomorrow. Patrik Pulkkinen finished his qualifying as 31st.

After the rain intermezzo yesterday the heat wave returned to the Automotodrom Brno on this Saturday. Under the Czech sun the riders of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT Kornfeil and Pulkkinen could go much faster lap times in the third Free Practice and move up to 17th and 29th position, respectively.
Instead of building on this improvement Kornfeil received a setback right at the beginning of the qualifying. A collision with another rider took the local hero out in his first lap – luckily he walked away unhurt. The bike on the other side was quite damaged so his crew had a lot of work to do to get the bike working again. Having only five minutes left and therefor only enough time for one last lap the experienced Czech couldn´t accomplish much more and has to s..

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Wet first practice day in Brno

As usual the rain follows the MotoGP circus to every race this season. After a wet first training day the Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT riders Kornfeil and Pulkkinen finished 27th and 32nd on the combined timesheets.
The second half of the FIM Motorcycle World Championship continued where it left off before the summer break – with mixed weather conditions. After 30 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday the rain started just in time for the first Free Practice of the Moto3TM category this Friday morning.
Consequently the first training session went off quite cautious. Initially all pilots were trying to get familiarized with the track again and the tricky wet conditions. With lap times between 2:22.00 and 2:32.00 they were far off the best times. Local hero Jakub Kornfeil ended up in 25th position with his personal best of 2:26.846. Patrik Pulkkinens fastest lap of 2:29.214 put him 30th on the time sheets.
Just in time for the second Free Practice the rain more or less stopped, but the tr..

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Grand Prix of the Czech Republic rings the second half of the season in

The upcoming weekend marks the start of the second half of the 2017 campaign of the FIM Motorcycle World Championship after the four weeks summer break.
By this time it is impossible to imagine the Motorcycle World Championship race calendar without the “Monster Energy Grand České Republiky”. Since 1987 the MotoGP circus stops at the Automotodrom Brno, since 1930 they hold races in the city of Brno already.
Surrounded by hills and forest the circuit commands a great view on the track and a special atmosphere for the numerous fans who visit the race every year.
Also most of the riders enjoy racing on the fast and winding track with its many up- and downhill parts. On a length of 5.4 kilometres the track provides six left and eight right corners and a longest straight of 636 metres.
For Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT pilot Jakub Kornfeil this weekend is an especially important one – it´s his home race. The experienced Czech lives only 70km and with that not even an hour away from the ci..

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Compete actualze staled

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5th race of the season for Freddie Heinrich

For the fifth round of the RFME Spanish Championship young Freddie Heinrich was racing at the “Motorland Aragon”. After a difficult race in the Moto4 category he crossed the finish line in 17th position.
On the last weekend the young German was racing at another track he has never been before. Beside getting to know the peculiarities of the circuit Freddie had to manage a few technical problems as well.
From the beginning of the weekend his bike was missing the necessary power to stay with his competitors. Freddie and his crew where trying a lot during the test and qualifying sessions but couldn´t find the perfect set up.
In the qualifying the young guy from Saxony was trying his best to get a good grid position for the upcoming race but after a crash during the session a better place than 15th in the Moto4 class was not possible.
Now it´s time for everyone to look ahead and use the summer break to recharge the batteries, but also to train intensively. The 2017 campaign of the RFME ..

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PrüstelGP switches to KTM in 2018

After Mahindra and Peugeot drop out of the Moto3TM-class at the end of 2017 PrüstelGP will race with new KTM bikes next year.

At the race weekend in Assen one week ago Mahindra announced their withdrawal from the Moto3TM class at the end of the season after six years of racing in the lightweight class. The Indian manufacturer justified this step with strategic internal changes.
Following numerous negotiations, already conducted by the team management before the announcement, the contract with KTM was signed on Sunday at the Sachsenring.
“The contract with the Austrian manufacturer has a duration of one year but if it is possible we like to expand our cooperation in addition to this. For us it is important to think strategically”, says managing director Florian Prüstel.
“After Mahindra´s announcement we wanted to bring clarity and also stability for our sponsors as fast as possible”, Prüstel explains further.
Having fixed the deal with KTM now Prüstel hopes to expedite the negotiatio..

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Kornfeil barely missed the points at the Sachsenring

The riders of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT barely missed the points at the „GoPro Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland“. Kornfeil crossed the finish line in 18th, Pulkkinen in 25th position.

With positions 12 and 24 in the warm up the day started quite good for the squad of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT. Also the weather conditions changed in a positive way. No rain and some sun rays provided the perfect scenery for the Saxony based squads Home Grand Prix.
Going into the race from 6th starting row Kornfeil came off with a good start and made his way up to 16th position right away. Finding himself in a group of 15 riders the experienced Czech had to fight hard for every position. Countless overtakings made it difficult for Kornfeil to attack the top 15 during the whole race. Entering the last corner in a big group Kornfeil crossed the finish line in 18th position.
For young Patrik Pulkkinen the race started with a few more difficulties. Following a jump start he got a ride through penalty…

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Top 20 position for Kornfeil in the qualifying

Dry conditions at the start, wet in the end. The riders of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT Kornfeil and Pulkkinen had a hard time in the qualifying for the “GoPro Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland” and will start their race from 19th and 30th position.

Just like at the last race weekend in Assen everyone in the paddock was looking up to the sky on this Saturday – will it rain or not? At the beginning of the session it stayed dry, similar to the practice in the morning, but for the last 15 minutes light rain started after all.
Compared to the good result in the third Free Practice where Kornfeil finished 14th the experienced Czech had some difficulties to find a good lap in the qualifying at first. But in the last 20 minutes of the qualifying he found his pace again and closed the gap to the leaders further reaching the 1:27.0 mark as well. In the end he couldn´t hold this good position. After the rain started Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT pilot Kornfeil couldn´t improve his lap time compa..

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