Strong first day at the Sachsenring

Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT riders Kornfeil and Pulkkinen show good performances during the first Free Practice day for the “GoPro Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland” and finish 11th and 27th, respectively.

Having to start at 9am on Friday Morning the pilots of the Moto3TM were the first ones to ride on the renewed asphalt of the Sachsenring. Without any experience on the new surface the first session of the day was mainly used to get familiarized with the track and to collect important data for the upcoming weekend.

Kornfeil, with a lot of experience on this track, got along quite well with his Peugeot bike. During the whole session he was showing a solid performance being between 13 and 17 positions on the time sheets. After 21 laps he eventually finished 11th with his personal best of 1:28.660 and 0.792 seconds off the leader.
Team mate Patrik Pulkkinen was more concentrated on chosing the correct lines in the tricky corners the track has to offer. His fastest lap of 1:32.420 put ..

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Starting shot for Home Grand Prix in Germany

The saxon team Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT is looking forward to the upcoming weekend and its home race, the “GoPro Moto Grand Prix Deutschland”.
The upcoming weekend is not only the home Grand Prix for the Saxony based squad of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT but also marks the half-time of this years Moto3TM season.
After the good qualifying in Assen and the improvements in the following race the team aims to win the next points of the season in front of their home crowd.
With a length of only 3,6km the Sachsenring circuit is the shortest in the race calendar. Nevertheless the track holds some tricky passages. It is a tight and curvy track with ten left but only three right corners. Following the criticism of riders last year and regulation of FIM (Federation de Motocyclisme International) the asphalt of the track was renewed this year.
Offside the circuit thousands of fans visit the event and celebrate motorsports in and around Hohenstein-Ernstthal, especially at the famous “Ankerb..

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Afresh top 10 finish for Freddie Heinrich

After getting his first podium of the season PrüstelGP-talent Freddie Heinrich scored another top 10 result. In the 4th race of the season at the “Circuito de Navarra” the young guy from Saxony finished 7th.

Also in his 4th race this year PrüstelGP-talent Freddie Heinrich could live up to his earlier success. In Navarra he scored another top result in the Moto4 category of the RFME Spanish Championship.
After the qualifying on Saturday young Freddie could start his race on Sunday from 10th position. Starting from 4th row Freddie found himself right in the middle of the action.
With a lot of riders around him he had to fight very hard to gain positions. Even though the top 3 could open a gap to the rest of the grid the young guy from Germany still had a shot for another good result. With constant fast lap times he could stay in the second group fighting for 5th position.
Until the end the race was hard and extremely gripping. Finding himself in a group of three Freddie had to fight ..

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Dry race in Assen doesn´t bring luck to Kornfeil and Pulkkinen

Another difficult race for Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT saw Kornfeil finish 17th and Pulkkinen 22nd on the dry “TT Circuit Assen”.

Until shortly before the race nobody at the TT Circuit Assen was really sure if they have to prepare for a wet race or not. In the end the conditions stayed dry for the whole Moto3TM race distance.
Starting from 13th position, with that from 5th row, Kornfeil wanted to secure the second top 15 result of the season. Gaining a few positions he was off to a good start but lost this good position shortly after. The first lap saw him in the middle of the action but in the second lap a lot of riders past him on the straight. Being in 20th position now Kornfeil had to fight hard to get back to where he was. Meanwhile the leaders were able to get away and opened up a gap of 10 seconds. Eventually he could only fight in the second group leaving him cross the finish line in 17th place.
Also Pulkkinen couldn´t exploit his promising qualifying result. Having a bad s..

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Qualifying in the rain – Kornfeil and Pulkkinen show their skills in the wet

Rain, a wet track and a lot of crashes – Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT pilot Jakub Kornfeil secures 13th position in the difficult qualifying for the “Motul TT Assen”. After a crash Patrik Pulkkinen will start his race from 20th position.

Even though the sun was shining yesterday nobody in Assen was surprised about the rain that started on this Saturday morning. By this time this treacherous weather is part of the tradition at the “Motul TT Assen” as well.
With his 7th place in the third Free Practice Kornfeil showed everyone that he likes these difficult conditions. With this positive result the goal for the following qualifying was to finish in the points of course. During the whole session his lap times put him 13th or better on the time sheets, finishing 13th in the end. His personal best of 2:01.092 means an arrears of 3.497 seconds.
Having technical problems in the morning session Patrik Pulkkinen had to watch most of the third Free Practice from his pit box. After missing out ..

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Kornfeil and Pulkkinen complete first day in Assen

For the team of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT the main goal of the first practice day was to gain valuable data for the upcoming “Motul TT Assen”. On the combined time sheets Kornfeil finished 27th, Pulkkinen 30th.
Every year the weather in Assen is unpredictable. It´s not unusual that the conditions change from sun to rain and back during the day. On this Friday the weather stayed calm for both Free Practice Sessions of the Moto3TM category – cloudy but dry and quite warm.
The pilots of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT used their First Free Practice to get familiarized with the track again. To be fast the difficult circuit with its fast corners demands a perfect line in every lap. Both riders were off to a good start in the morning improving their lap times continuously. With his personal best of 1:44.331 Jakub Kornfeil was only 1.1 seconds down finishing in 16th position.
Pulkkinen got faster with every lap as well reducing his arrears to 2.846 seconds. His fastest lap of 1:46.077 put h..

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Where modern motorsport meets tradition

On the upcoming weekend the 8th race of the FIM Motorcycle World Championship will be held at the “TT Circuit” in Assen. For the second time in the tradition of MotoGPTM in the Netherlands the Moto3TM race will kick off on a Sunday at 11am.

For the 8th race of the season the MotoGPTM circus stops at the centre of motorsports in the Netherlands. For the “Motul TT Assen” the team of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT will compete on the circuit with the most tradition out of all tracks in the race calendar.
Since the founding of the FIM Motorcycle World Championship in 1949 the TT Circuit Assen is the only race track who uninterruptedly held a race of the Championship every year. Known as The Cathedral of Motorsports being part of the Dutch TT is a must-do for plenty motorcycle fans from the Netherlands and also from other parts of Europe.
For sure the upcoming weekend will mean a lot of work for the crew and its riders Kornfeil and Pulkkinen. After the difficult weekends in Mugello and Barc..

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Positions 22 and 27 for Kornfeil and Pulkkinen

After grid positions 29 and 32 for Kornfeil and Pulkkinen in the “Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya” the only option to finish better was to take high risks. Fighting hard until the last lap Kornfeil could secure 22nd, Pulkkinen 27th position.

In the blazing heat of Montmelo the pilots of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT started their race from rows 10th and 11th. Starting from the end of the grid their only option was to attack and gain as many positions as possible from the beginning on.
With a good start at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Kornfeil already made his way up from 29th to 26th position. The race was hard work for Kornfeil having to close a gap to the group in front of him at first. After some laps they managed to get in contact with the pilots ahead of them again and Kornfeil was fighting for positions up to 20th. During all 22 laps he showed his sustained effort and was fighting every overtake. After all he secured 22nd position overall.
Also Pulkkinen made a goo..

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Rough patch for Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT

After the patchy first practice day the team of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT was ready to build on their results from the first practice yesterday. But with positions 29th and 32th Kornfeil and Pulkkinen couldn´t answer these expectations.

For this years “Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya” the layout of the track had been revised because of safety reasons. But after the first practices the chicane had to be changed again due to complaints of the riders. Finally for the second practice day the Formula 1-layout was used.
For pilots Kornfeil and Pulkkinen this required full concentration to imprint the new routing again this morning. Kornfeil was working hard in the qualifying but just couldn´t come square with the track. In the end the experienced Czech only finished 29th. He posted a personal best of 1:55.611, 2.243 seconds off the top rider.
Young Pulkkinen also had problems to continue with his improvements to the extent he wanted. With a 3.304 seconds gap to the leader Pulkki..

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Variable first day in Catalunya

Rain in the morning and a dry track in the second session – the “Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya” presented both and Kornfeil and Pulkkinen showed their skills in the wet again. They finished the day in 22nd and 30th place, respectively.
Right on time at 9am on Friday morning the First Free Practice of the Moto3TM class started. Due to rain showers in the morning not every rider head out on the partly damp track. At first only 18 riders made their way to the circuit with Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT pilots Kornfeil and Pulkkinen being two of them. Both got along quite well on the tricky track finishing the session in 5th and 19th position, respectively. For the last five minutes 26 riders in total did their laps on the slowly drying circuit. Kornfeil did a personal best of 2:07.027. Pulkkinen´s last lap was also his fastest with a 2:09.528.
With the start of the second Free Practice the times were immediately faster on the dry track. Kornfeil cut down his personal best to 1:55.982 but..

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