Kornfeil barely missed the points at the Sachsenring

The riders of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT barely missed the points at the „GoPro Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland“. Kornfeil crossed the finish line in 18th, Pulkkinen in 25th position.

With positions 12 and 24 in the warm up the day started quite good for the squad of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT. Also the weather conditions changed in a positive way. No rain and some sun rays provided the perfect scenery for the Saxony based squads Home Grand Prix.

Going into the race from 6th starting row Kornfeil came off with a good start and made his way up to 16th position right away. Finding himself in a group of 15 riders the experienced Czech had to fight hard for every position. Countless overtakings made it difficult for Kornfeil to attack the top 15 during the whole race. Entering the last corner in a big group Kornfeil crossed the finish line in 18th position.

For young Patrik Pulkkinen the race started with a few more difficulties. Following a jump start he got a ride through penalty. After entering the track from the pit lane again he was last of the grid. Even though he was 13 seconds behind the last rider and managed to cut down this gap to only four seconds he had no chance to gain a better position than 25th.

Missing out on the points again the crew of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT has to work hard during the summer break to get prepared for the second half of the season. On the 6th of July the squad will be back on track in Brno.

Race results Moto3TM
1. J. Mir | SPA | HONDA
2. R. Fenati | ITA | HONDA
3. M. Ramirez | SPA | KTM

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