Positions 20 and 30 for Kornfeil and Pulkkinen in Brno

Even though the riders of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT had a good start to the 10th race of the season they merely finished 20th and 30th, respectively, in the mixed conditions of Brno.

Already this morning the teams realized that this race won´t be an easy one again. Having mixed weather conditions at the Automotodrom Brno the riders had to deal with a wet track at first and then with a dry track.

Following grid penalties for two riders Jakub Kornfeil could start his race from 23rd position. On the wet track he had a good start putting him 11th where he could stay at first.
During the ongoing race the track started to dry presenting difficult conditions for all riders. On a half wet half dry track Kornfeil didn´t have enough grip to stay with the other riders and so he dropped behind to 17th place. There he kept fighting for positions between 20 and 25. In the last third of the race the track became more and more dry giving the local hero a better feeling for the bike again. As a result the Czech could at least secure place 20 and therefore the first position in his group.

Also young Patrik Pulkkinen had a good start to the race. Climbing up from 29th to 25th position he could fight right in the middle of one group. When the track started to dry it became difficult for him as well feeling the same problems with the grip. Having to fight at the end of the grid already his rising self-confidence on the dry track came too late to get a better result than 30th in the end.

Now the Moto3TM teams head straight to Spielberg for the Grand Prix of Austria next Sunday.

Race results Moto3TM
1. J. Mir | SPA | HONDA
2. R. Fenati | ITA | HONDA
3. A. Canet | SPA | HONDA

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