Wet first practice day in Brno

As usual the rain follows the MotoGP circus to every race this season. After a wet first training day the Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT riders Kornfeil and Pulkkinen finished 27th and 32nd on the combined timesheets.

The second half of the FIM Motorcycle World Championship continued where it left off before the summer break – with mixed weather conditions. After 30 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday the rain started just in time for the first Free Practice of the Moto3TM category this Friday morning.

Consequently the first training session went off quite cautious. Initially all pilots were trying to get familiarized with the track again and the tricky wet conditions. With lap times between 2:22.00 and 2:32.00 they were far off the best times. Local hero Jakub Kornfeil ended up in 25th position with his personal best of 2:26.846. Patrik Pulkkinens fastest lap of 2:29.214 put him 30th on the time sheets.

Just in time for the second Free Practice the rain more or less stopped, but the track was still damp. In these slightly better conditions the pilots could improve their lap times compared to the morning session. Jakub Kornfeil was 2.658 seconds faster than in the morning putting him 26th on the time sheets. Young Pulkkinen could also improve his personal best but with the other riders doing the same the Finn only came 32nd eventually. On the combined time sheets Kornfeil finished 27th and Pulkkinen 32nd.

Now the squad has a lot of work to do for the third Free Practice and the following Qualifying to reach better positions tomorrow.

Combined Free Practice 1 & 2 Times Moto3TM
1. J. Mir | SPA | HONDA | 2:20.819
2. A. Canet | SPA | HONDA | 2:21.288 (+ 0.469)
3. A. Norrodin | MAL | HONDA | 2:21.331 (+ 0.512)
27. J. KORNFEIL | CZE | PEUGEOT | 2:23.753 (+ 2.934)
32. P. PULKKINEN | FIN | PEUGEOT | 2:26.556 (+ 5.737)

Photo Credit: © [2017] Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT | R. Lekl

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